Matt stopped by The Heat red-carpet to you know, I don’t know, talk and do stuff?

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Straight pimp walking The Heat red-carpet dog, son.

World War Z is out in theaters. But you may want to check out the disaster porn World War XXX instead. Well, it’s just porn. You know you want to see zombie sex!

Take a crash course in how a movie goes from a painting to an animated movie, because for some reason, Pixar let Matt Zaller in on the secrets.
Monsters University is in theaters June 21.

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If you want to learn the basic mechanics of animation, perhaps the voice actors aren’t the place to start. This week, Matt Zaller puts paint to paper as a tribute to the cast of Epic, in theaters now.

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Boys will be boys, especially when they’re actually 3 years old.

The Ultimate Star Trek trivia question in NYC…

Eli Roth takes over the latest episode of Unfiltered.

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The Stand Up Comic on the USS Enterprise sucks. Here’s his testimonial.

Wondercon. Flula represents. Talking bout some “Teen Wolf” and “Vikings”. 

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This week Matt Zaller reveals the secrets of his management style, which consists mainly of recklessly abusing immigration laws.

More from this episode: German correspondent DJ Flula heads to SXSW, while Matt Zaller grabs a video conference (of sorts) with Tina Fey for the upcoming release of her new movie Admission.

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The folks from Next Movie compiled a list of the top 10 junket interviews ever. Matt’s Megan Fox bit ranks #1.

The best/worst magic jokes of all time with Steve Carrell for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. I don’t need to say how funny it is…

I’m on my buddy Scott Rogowski’s show tonight featuring David Wain, Al Madrigal, Sean Patton, Ophira Eisenberg, and Judah Friedlander. Come!

Treebeard’s been chilling up in Central Park, but he’s back with a brand new attitude to see “The Hobbit.”