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We wrap up the best movies of the year while red carpet correspondent DJ Flula reveals the ugly truth behind This is 40.

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An intentionally horrible movie pitch to two of perhaps the most influential people in comedy. I had some trepidations doing this because I’m trying to make comedy films in my career, and improvising an intentionally bad pitch was risky. I found it amusing though…

Backstory: A few years before I had interviewed Sandler and his agent came up to me afterwards and was like “hey, you’re funny kid, do you write?”. At that moment, I didn’t know it was his agent, I thought it was just some random guy because he had sandals on and a Hawaiian shirt. Most other agents I’ve met look like agents from The Matrix. They’re big time hair gellers and smirky. This guy seemed like my uncle, very friendly and approachable. So I was like yeah, I write a little. (Most of my writing was scribbles on napkins and random paper back then. I had written tv shows, but in text edit, haha. Didn’t know what Final Draft was at that point in my career). So I went back to my hotel room and googled the guys name. Turns out he’s actually one of the biggest agents in THE WORLD!

So I dugg around my bag and produced two shitty business cards (I made them myself because National Lampoon wouldn’t pay to make me cards). And I ran back upstairs to give them to the guy to seem more professional. I saw Sandler in the hall and was like “hey dude, ummm, your agent said he wanted my contact info so I scrounged some business cards”. Sandler said “that’s great, kid, he’s holding the elevator over here.” So I followed him. Meantime, I decided to give Sandler one of my cards because hey, you never know, right? To give you some context my cards were bottom of the bag gross, might as well have handed him some boogers. So I said “Well why don’t you take one of my cards in case you need an intern or something”. Sandler replied “Oh, yeah…great! Thanks kid”.

It should be noted that Sandler is one of the classiest guy’s ever, a total gentleman. The first time I interviewed him before the actual interview started, he asked me all these questions like where I’m from, what I do, etc. etc. Really top notch dude. He never called me though. Tear.

So we’re making our way to the elevator, me and Sandler, and it’s being held by his agent and the entire Happy Madison team. Basically, a who’s who of people that I’d kill to work with outside of just interviewing them.

So I hand the agent my card (I’m leaving his name out). One of the producers is like “Who’s this kid”? The agent say’s “What? I thought the kid was funny. He writes”. To which the Producer guy replied, “oh yeah, like what?”. At this point Sandler, the agent, and the producers all look at me in this tight elevator. I said “Um, yeah. I write tons of shit. I got this screenplay I’m working on called…ugh…Beer and Chicks. It’s like, about beer and like, tons and tons of chicks”. The elevator stopped. It’s my floor. All eyes are on me. I backpedal out of the elevator and point my finger at all of them. “Think about it guy’s. Beer and Chicks. Let’s do this”. Elevator door closes. The last thing I see is Adam Sandlers face staring a me like I just farted in the elevator and left them with it.

So I fly back to New York that night and am a mess because I feel like I’ve blown my big shot. I was literally broken out in failure hives. Why did I say something so fucking stupid? I shouldn’t have tried to be funny! Argh!!!

Next morning at the crack of dawn I get a call from the agent. Success! He wants me to submit my writing. Except I had no screenplays or tv shows written. I had scraps of idea papers. So it turns out I was worse off by being funny, because now I had to prove it. I literally spent the next 3 weeks pulling all nighters writing tv show pilots. I had to pirate a copy of final draft because I was so broke. I pirated like 20 pilots because I had no idea how they were really written. (even though I had done 2 seasons of writing for a local TV show, haha). So I wrote. Sent. And he didn’t like. Long story short.

Then this interview came around and I was like. I’m ready. Now I’m really ready to pitch Beer and Chicks. It will be super funny. So when I walked in I reminded Adam about the little run-in we had a few years ago. He said he remembered but I think he was just being nice. And here’s the recreated pitch. The irony is, I really have a screenplay that I’d love to pitch these guys…but I’m also obligated to make a funny interview. So there you have it.