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Tea Party activist Steve Cruz has a message for President Obama in light of his new low ratings. Steve Cruz, Ted Cruz’s second cousin once removed, is a vetted Tea Party communicator and has an Asian baby. Also,, please.

Yo is lucky I got held back though. Violence has no place in a writers meeting

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A Twinterview with Kick-Ass 2 cast members Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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Helped produce this series for Levi’s+Skillshare with my production company Model Cloud Productions. (Not my typical HILARIOUS comedy project, I know. I keeps it diversified) Very interesting classes and the proceeds go to charity…which is why you should sign up for 1 or 5!

Host Matt Zaller got the chance to get some insight from NTSF:SD:SUV stars Paul Scheer and Karen Gillen on why he offends his guests. Special guests appearances by Patton Oswalt and Amy Sedaris for Heart She Holler. From #SDCC. So Adult Swimmy!

A pre-interview meeting with Tom Lennon and Ben Garant for their movie Hell Baby. Watch if you love bullshit meetings…so that includes everyone.

Matt and Adam Devine chop it up about Twerkaholics, I mean Workaholics, at #SDCC.

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Going to see The Worlds End? Edgar Wright has a drinking game for you. And Nick Frost can’t remember if he likes Matt while Simon gets serious. From Comic-Con 2013.

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Matt Zaller sits down to chat with Kick-Ass 2 stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Donald Faison. Look for part 2 of the interview later this week!

What if the all-star comedy crew behind the “Grown Ups” movies never stopped? We visualize the horrifying results of “Grown Ups 10,” which sees the cast up to all their old tricks, but from a retirement home.

'Pacific Rim': The Rejected Monster - You don’t want to miss on the original, even more horrifying monster that was scrapped from the final cut of “Pacific Rim.”

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Matt stopped by The Heat red-carpet to you know, I don’t know, talk and do stuff?

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World War Z is out in theaters. But you may want to check out the disaster porn World War XXX instead. Well, it’s just porn. You know you want to see zombie sex!

Take a crash course in how a movie goes from a painting to an animated movie, because for some reason, Pixar let Matt Zaller in on the secrets.
Monsters University is in theaters June 21.

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If you want to learn the basic mechanics of animation, perhaps the voice actors aren’t the place to start. This week, Matt Zaller puts paint to paper as a tribute to the cast of Epic, in theaters now.

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