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Matt’s Apartment Show: The Secrets of the Medicine Cabinet - 

Matt has some problems with a new roommate, and the secrets of the medicine cabinet tell him to do a segment on “This is 40.”

Matt and his girlfriend try to look for any living relatives of Abraham Lincoln in preparation for the release of Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” and get a little more than they bargained for.

Matt’s Apartment Show Episode 3 - “Wreck-It Ralph” inspires a heated Mario Kart battle and a martial arts expert stops by to dissect “The Man with the Iron Fists.” Makes sense, right?

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In this episode of Matt’s Apartment Show – or Matt Zaller’s Girlfriend’s Apartment’s Movie-Related Show, if you’re not busy — Matt  solicits the help of a meteorologist to understand the new movie “Cloud Atlas.” Well, a former meteorologist. Who loves movies.

This is the WOLRD PREMIERE of my new project with mtv’s and Next Movie. New episodes every week!

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